ascribe Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy

May 23, 2018 – Version 2.1

1. General

This Privacy Policy governs your use of the website and services (“Services”) offered by BigchainDB GmbH (“BigchainDB”) at the website It is meant to be used with our Terms of Service, so defined terms mean the same thing in the Privacy Policy as they do in the Terms of Service.

The Privacy Policy describes what information is collected through the Services and how it is used. The Services may change over time as we add features, so there may be changes to the Privacy Policy as well. We will notify you by email if we make changes to the Privacy Policy. The current version will always be available at

We understand that your personal information belongs to you, so we want to be very open about how we use it. If you have a question about our Privacy Policy, email and we will try to answer it for you.

What Personal Information We Collect and How We Use It

Personal Information” includes all information about an identified or identifiable individual (e.g. your email address).

BigchainDB collects, processes and uses Personal Information in accordance with the GermanTelemediengesetz, (“Telemedia Act”) and Bundesdatenschutzgesetz (“Data Protection Act) or with your specific and express consent. Personal Information will not be given to third parties except as set out below. Personal Information will never be given to advertisers.

Signing Up

You need to create an account with BigchainDB to use the Services. To create an account, you must provide an email address and password. This information is used to provide the Services, prevent misuse, and keep you informed of changes to the Services, the Terms of Service, and the Privacy Policy. The password is encrypted and cannot be accessed by BigchainDB.

We will display your email address and the Works in your account on the Services once you have logged in. We may also share or disclose your information with your consent (e.g. to assign a representative for Works you own).

Information you provide on the Services will be encrypted before being transmitted to BigchainDB.

Registration and Transfers

When you register a Work with ascribe, we save a copy of the Files you upload.

We collect and store the information you provide about the Work (e.g. creator’s name, title, year, etc.) and the license you make it available under (all rights reserved or Creative Commons). The information you provide is written to the SPOOL.

We only share information when it is necessary to perform an Ownership Transaction. For example, when you consign a Work to someone else, you provide their email address so we can link the Work to their account and notify them of the consignment. We may receive personal information such as your email address through other users, for example if they consign a work to you.

If you have transferred a Work, your email address will be visible in the history of transactions for that Work displayed on ascribe to future owners.

BigchainDB creates a page for every Work registered displaying a thumbnail of the Work and information about it. The page can only be seen by others if you give them the link to it.


Information about a Work or an Ownership Transaction that is recorded on the SPOOL is recorded permanently. It is not possible to change or delete it. More information about the SPOOL is available on our GitHub Page at

Partner Organizations

BigchainDB sometimes partners with organizations like museums or galleries to allow you to transfer or loan Works to them under custom terms.

If you transfer or loan Works to those organizations, we may share information with them in order to help carry out your agreement with them. For example, we may share your contact information, information about the contract you have agreed to, metadata about the Work you are transferring or loaning, information about your membership in a rights management collective, or information for the payment of royalties.

If you do not loan or transfer Works to those organizations, we will not share your information with them.

Cookie Policy

No Cookies on our site :)

BigchainDB Cookies

For providing the ascribe service, we use the following cookies:

  1. A session ID cookie to keep track of your settings and your login; and
  2. A CSRF token to keep your login secure and private.

Blocking Cookies and Plugins

Fun fact: You can block cookies and plug-ins by installing a browser add-on such as Ghostery or Privacy Badger.

Third Party Providers

We use third party providers to help deliver the Services (e.g. data storage and backup). These providers may have access to your information, but only for purposes of performing these tasks on our behalf and under obligations similar to those in the Privacy Policy.

Data Storage

BigchainDB uses Amazon’s S3 storage service to store your Files. You can find more information on Amazon’s data security from the S3 site. We try to keep all personal information in data centres in the European Union, but in some cases information may be stored on servers located outside the European Union, including in the United States.

Other Terms

Non-private or Non-Personal Information

We may disclose your non-private, aggregated, or otherwise non-personal information, such as usage statistics of our Services.


We do not knowingly collect personally identifiable information from children under 18 without parental consent. If we learn that a child under 18 has provided us with personal information, we may delete their personal information.

Business Transfers

If we are involved in a merger, acquisition, or sale of some or all of our assets, your personal information may be transferred as part of that transaction. We will notify you via email or a notice on our website of any change in control or use of your personal information or Files, or if either become subject to a different Privacy Policy. We will also notify you of choices you may have regarding the information.

Review of Information

You are entitled, within reasonable limits, to information on the extent to which your personal information is stored by BigchainDB. You are entitled to have BigchainDB correct and update your personal information if you cannot update it yourself. You are entitled to have your personal information deleted unless BigchainDB is legally required to store that personal information.

Revoking Consent

Your personal information will be deleted if you revoke your consent to save and process your personal information or, if due to a change in the law, saving and processing the the personal information is no longer permissible. You can contact us to revoke your consent for future collection and use of your personal information at any time by emailing

Further you may contact us to:

  • Delete your Data,
  • Edit outdated Data,
  • Get a copy of your Data we have
  • or ask us questions about your privacy