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CCN, Bitcoin, Digital Art & Scarcity

" believes your digital content is worth something, and that banks and other financial institutions should see such work as collateral."

Silicon Allee, Art and Tech in Berlin: A Powerful Combination

What happens when art and tech collide? For Masha McConaghy — art curator, researcher, adviser, and co-founder of ascribe — it was the birth of a Berlin-based blockchain technology startup that’s helping solve one of the digital art world’s biggest dilemmas.

Futures Along The Blockchain

Ascribe goes a step further, helping digital artists use a cryptographic ledger (the bitcoin blockchain) to register original work, verify provenance, and securely transfer of ownership of works to galleries.

Furtherfield, "The Bitcoin Blockchain discussion in digital art"

Berlin company develops systems within the Blockchain technology and offers services for art experts, assisting in the professional management of their digital files, i.e. their registration, archival, transfer of ownership

SFAQ, Can the Blockchain Save Digital Art?

By exposing this layer of ownership to everyday users, and allowing those individuals to act/engage with how their content is circulating online, Ascribe starts to outline a potential common ground for commercial art and digital art to coexist.

CNET,"Adobe Stock opens photo sales channel straight into Photoshop"

For the thousands who buy and sell photos, the rules are changing again as Adobe links its software to its own stock-art site. Others ... ascribe lets people share their photographs under Creative Commons licensing, but it uses the "blockchain" technology.

CoinsList, "Monetize Original Artwork"

He was showing off some art he posted to Not fully knowing how works didn'stop CoinsLists from snagging ... a 1/100 limited edition piece.

The Next Web, "Bitcoin is the world’s most dangerous idea. Really?"

Perhaps the most radical, and unusual example of how blockchain technology is changing lives for the better comes from ascribe. The startup is a service specifically for artists, galleries and collectors to register, transfer and archive digital art ... So far, the Berlin based startup has over 600 artists who have declared 2,600 digital works and unique editions, and a dozen marketplaces and platforms have signed on to the service to use its API

FAD, "ascribe lets you manage and sell digital editions of your work for free"

Newly launched digital service ascribe gives all artists the ability to create authenticated editions of their digital work, be that photography, images, video or 3D printing recipes to sell or manage via their own sites without a fee. Digital artists such as Thomas Traum, Andreas Müller from Nanika and Harm Van Den Dorpel have been early adopter

FvF Blog, "ascribe x FvF: Collecting Digital Art"

We were excited to welcome ascribe to the FvF Apartment during Berlin Gallery Weekend. Apart from a speech by ascribe’s co-founder Masha McConaghy on digital ownership, the event featured a special exhibition with ascribed works by digital artists Jonathan Monaghan, Harm van den Dorpel and Valentin Ruhry.

Alan Shapiro Blog, "Towards the internet of creators"

The Internet that we have is missing a crucial ownership layer for creators. We don’t yet have an Internet where the creator of a photograph, a video, a piece of music, a segment of software code, a digital artwork, a journalistic piece, or a writerly composition is identified by a special authentication signature or a certificate of ownership.

Cointemporary, "Digital Editions Documentation"

Cointemporary exhibits digital artworks (files) which can be purchased for bitcoin. Every work has an entry on the Blockchain where it can be tracked and ownerships are transferred. Think of it as a Bitcoin address: The owner of a private key is the owner of the corresponding digital artwork (file). We use to manage the artworks

Berlin Partner, "Berlin Presents Itself at SXSW"

Ten young Berlin entrepreneurs took the opportunity to present their business ideas to international partners and investors ... and presented Berlin as international Tech Hub.
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