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In Getting Work by Ella Frost, We Just Ate Our Own Dog Food!

We're big fans of Ella Frost's work, so we reached out to her ... to use her work for our page ... Ella wired us the IP via ascribe.

We’re big fans of Ella Frost‘s work, so we reached out to her about having work on our landing page.

We asked ourselves: how do we get the rights to use Ella’s work for our page? And it struck us: use ourselves! So, that’s what we did:

  • Ella and I agreed on numbers by email
  • I wired her the payment via PayPal, and
  • she wired us the IP via ascribe. (She registered her works, then transferred the ownership to us.)

That was it! Now we’ve got two great pieces by Ella on our landing page.

Here’s my ascribe wallet with the pieces.

Here’s the first piece – COACTS. You can go to the piece’s url for the full-res version.

And, here’s the second piece – SHATTER. Its url has the full-res version.

Here’s the Bitcoin transactions where Ella registered COACTS, registered SHATTER, transferred COACTS, and transferred SHATTER.

PS we’ve been working on improving our landing page in other ways too. Check out our new media section (lots happening!) and more accessible FAQ.