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Berlin Art Prize – Wrap up on Submissions

The BAP submissions just closed. 349 artists .. ascribed a total of 598 works.

As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, we love Berlin, and Berlin’s art scene. These days, it’s almost become a rite of passage for an up-and-coming artist from anywhere in the world to move to Berlin and learn and grow as part of the art community, for two months or two years or more. Berlin Art Prize (BAP) is part of that scene. BAP is an annual competition for artists, where the main constraint is that the artist must be livining in Berlin. BAP has only been running a few years, but has made a strong name for itself as a way for Berlin’s rising stars in art to make a mark.

Which is why we were very excited to have the opportunity to help the Berlin Art Prize (BAP) for 2015. We worked closely with the BAP team (hi, Alicia and everyone!) to gather their needs, build special tooling to serve their needs, iterate and refine.

The BAP submissions just closed. Artists had the option to submit their work to the BAP using the ascribe platform. 349 artists chose this path, ascribing a total of 598 works. That’s 598 works that are now crypto-secured onto the blockchain, 598 works where the creator has firmly established their copyright rights. We’d made a hotline for artists looking for help, and really enjoyed being able to walk artists through the process. Special congrats to Dimi who went way beyond the call of duty in serving everyone!

The BAP team is now in the process of selecting winners. We’ve been helping them with that too. Before, those 598 submissions would have been 598 emails to be wrestled with. Now, the ascribe platform offers a streamlined way to rate, sort and filter those 598 works submissions. Good luck guys!

And, finally, good luck to each and every artist who submitted to the BAP!