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A Recap of the CONSTRUCT Hackathon’s Most Creative Ideas

ascribe has officially wrapped up our first hackathon and the event was a huge success. Hosted in our new Creators Hack Lab – a shared community, work and event space devoted to the mixture of art and technology – we put a blend of professional artists and software developers into a room for the weekend and threw away the key.


The concept was to share creative brainpower, hack our open API and build the next generation of businesses that use the ascribe technology. Friday night’s theme was beers and brainstorming. Divided into three groups initially, smaller teams and individuals broke off and specific ideas were developed. Day two was a whole lot of hacking and then finally on day three, demonstrations were presented and awards allocated. What were the end results? A bunch of really cool, really innovative ideas. Here are some of our favorites:

  1. Trading Card Game
    Gotta ascribe ‘em all! A game card system with ascribed limited edition virtual figures for the gaming world. Create a deck from scratch, trade them as cards and build up ascribed collections.
  2. ascribe Your Brain Waves
    Penny for your thoughts anyone? Capture and ascribe your brainwaves while thinking about things, people or those special moments and then sell the recordings in a marketplace for thoughts.
  3. Zapier Integration
    Integration with Zapier so that when you’re using Instagram or Twitter, it automatically ascribes your ideas, jokes, photos. Take that, Joshua Onassis and Richard Prince.
  4. Tinder for Collectors
    Yes, you read that right, swipe right for art. Collectors select which price range and what kind of work they’re interested in. Artists upload ascribed work and matches in digital heaven are made.
  5. Fractional Ownership of Artwork
    People can invest in a fraction of a piece and art can then be bought and sold through ascribed shares. Every time a piece of art resells, all owners including the artist, get a cut of the income generated.
  6. Virtual Gallery
    Carry an entire gallery in your back pocket. Display ascribed artwork and collections in specific rooms and create a virtual gallery to show all your work in a 3D world.
  7. ascribe Scientific Publications
    Create a back end for citations through ascribe. Instead of spending time fishing around through multiple scientific publications and sources, have one consolidated index through the blockchain for who referenced who and where.
  8. ascribe Your Ideas
    Think you’ve got a great original idea? First step, make sure it’s unique and if it is, ascribe it as your own. Someone else beat you to it? Alter the elements within a virtual database to ascribe an amended version of your own.
  9. Filemount ascribed Pieces
    Can’t find a piece you’re looking for? By leveraging a tool that communicates with the ascribe API, all the artwork you own is easily displayed and nicely organized as if they were files stored on your desktop.
  10. Collaborative Attribution
    It may not take a village to create every piece of art but sometimes it does, so why does only one person get all the credit? Within ascribe, attribute different elements of the piece to separate contributors. Now that’s a beautiful thing.

This is just the tip of the iceberg for these budding concepts and very real business models.

The winning team – stayed tuned for a full profile on them – has also been granted unlimited free access to the Creators Hack Lab for a month to further develop their idea while receiving mentorship and tech support from ascribe. We will definitely be doing this again so if you couldn’t make it out for the first edition, be sure to not miss the next one.

For more information about the hackathon, the Creators Hack Lab or ascribe, please contact