Digital Editions

Generate digital editions with a unique ID and a digital Certificate of Authenticity to prove provenance and authenticity.

Manage Digital Content

Accept consignment from artists and transfer digital works to collectors with all the terms and legals.

Easy Integration

Integrate via our API or use a custom interface to accept and transfer works.

Generate authenticate digital editions with a clear provenance between the artist and the collector.

Limited Digital Editions Icon

Limited Digital Editions

Issue authentic, limited editions with unique cryptographic COAs, a first for digital content.

Securely Share Icon

Securely Share

Transparent ownership records are stored using blockchain technology.

Clear Provenance Icon

Clear Provenance

Certified and verifiable transactions from artist to marketplace to new collector.

Eliminate legal overhead for all transactions and easily manage, curate and filter artist content.

ascribe supported us by providing a tailor-made submission platform allowing for a very smooth and and user-friendly submission process.

Shahin Zarinbal Portfolio Review

The main concern with art online is the risk it will be misused. Using ascribe means we can do away with paper contracts and replace them with an online-only version.

Elizabeth Markevitch ikonoTV

ascribe was something we’ve long been waiting for and eventually enabled us to start digital editions on Cointemporary.

Valentin Ruhry Cointemporary

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