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Help Empower Creators

Creators first. ascribe was built to put creators back at the center. Creators that deserve to get proper attribution and compensation, should get it.

Dynamic Team

Our founders have lived all over the world and our employees are a veritable United Nations. To get the very best, we’ve sampled the world and built up a team we couldn't be more proud of.

Tech Capital

It's no coincidence that we're headquartered in Berlin, the city that best reflects the intersection of art + technology. The city's vibrant art scene and world class tech start up scene makes for endless opportunities to grow.

Collaborative Work

We work to create a safe, welcoming work environment for everyone on the team. Everyone is encouraged to contribute ideas, regardless of their role and projects are executed with input from all sides.

Current Openings

    No current openings.

If there are no current openings – or none that match your skill set – but you think we need to meet you, get in touch anyways. Drop us a line at with a bit about yourself, your experience and why you want to join one of Berlin’s most exciting and fast growing start ups. We’re always interested in meeting great talent.

If you’re an artist looking for opportunities, click on the link below.

Artist Opportunities