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Human Versus Machine: An Interview with Max Dovey

The experience economy is booming and Rotterdam based artist Max Dovey is one of many practitioners now adopting new methods of art production in this field. With a cultural shift now headed towards “offline” experiences, Dovey’s practice confronts how computers, software and data affects the human condition through performance and theatre. Incorporating real-time computation, he […]

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Exaggerating Reality with Jackson Hallberg

Creating, reproducing and sharing images is so easy, the world is witnessing the most widespread participation in photography ever seen. The result, however, is an oversaturated visual culture with passive images and submissive viewers. People view photographs so often, they rarely think about what they are seeing. American-born artist Jackson Hallberg, aims to push the boundaries […]

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An Interview with Author Toby Downton

The year is 2020 and 18-year-old Nova is caught up in an epic year-long virtual reality game. With her life fractured and her strength constantly tested, will she have what it takes to be the last player standing? Toby Downton’s novel Solarversia is the first step in a multi-platform storytelling experience that explores the relationships […]

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