Lock in attribution, securely share and trace where your digital work spreads.

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Lock In Attribution

Create a permanent and unbreakable link between you and your creative work. That link – the record of ownership – can be forever verified and tracked.

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Securely Share

Securely share your digital content with friends, family or fans. Transferring work is made as easy as sending an email. Literally.

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Gain Visibility

Trace where and how your work spreads on the Internet. We show you all the sites your work has appeared on and its growth over time using WhereOnThe.Net.

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Certificate Of Authenticity

Each registered piece comes with a COA, a built in unique cryptographic ID and the complete ownership history. The COA can be verified anytime and printed out, see an example here.

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Limited Digital Editions

Create unique, limited editions, a first for digital content. Digital editions make it possible to own and transfer digital artwork just like you can with physical art.

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License Your Work

Transfer, consign or loan your digital creations without losing attribution. Our easy-to-use platform comes equipped with clear legal framework and supports custom contracts.

“ascribe was something we’ve long been waiting for and eventually enabled us to start digital editions on Cointemporary."
- Valentin Ruhry, artist and co-founder of Cointemporary

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